Porsche, the legendary German automaker, creates vehicles that deliver unrivaled performance on both the road and the track. The immutable design philosophy of this brand has made its vehicles instantly recognizable and iconic. The precise steering, balanced weight distribution, and advanced suspension system contribute to exceptional handling and agility.

The speed machines of this brand are synonymous with blistering speed and power. This brand believes in pushing its boundaries of performance continuously to deliver exhilarating acceleration and top speeds. If you are looking for an automotive brand that actually continues to be important and respected, you will find Porsche at the top all the time.

No matter how meticulously a vehicle is designed, it can suffer from issues over time. The same statement holds true for Porsche as well. Porsche owners may encounter issues like ignition lock failure after driving their road companions for long spells. In this article, you’ll learn about what ignition lock failure signs to watch out for.

What Is The Ignition Lock Function?

In Porsche’s steering column, there exists a very important component: the ignition lock. It serves a very cardinal function in operation and security. Its primary job is to start the engine — controlling the power to various electrical systems and incorporating advanced anti-theft technology to ensure your safety. As a driver, it’s important to understand the role of this component to have a safe driving experience.

Signs Of Failure

1. Difficulty In Inserting Or Removing the Key

Difficulty inserting or removing the key from the ignition cylinder is one of the key signs of ignition lock failure in your vehicle. If you notice that the key does not slide in or out smoothly, there may be a problem with the lock mechanism. Sometimes too much jiggle to get it started also indicates this. Don’t ignore this sign completely, otherwise, it may cause immobilization troubles down the road.

2. Key Stuck In The Ignition

When the key gets stuck, there is a chance that the ignition lock can be at the fault. This basically happens because of the malfunction in the internal components. Promptly addressing this issue is highly recommended to avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

3. Intermittent Starting Issues

Intermittent starting issues are other telltale signs of impending ignition lock failure. If your car engine cranks but fails to ignite, it may indicate issues with the ignition lock. The intermittent starting troubles can happen due to worn-out components, damaged wiring, or a faulty ignition cylinder. Seek professional assistance straightaway if you don’t want to drain your wallet with costly repairs in the future.

4. Grinding Or Clicking Noises

The turning of the ignition has to be quiet. Unfortunately, if there’s any kind of malfunction in the ignition lock, you will hear unusual grinding or clicking noises while turning the key. These sounds may occur due to crooked lock channels. Don’t let these noises become louder! Have your Porsche inspected by a qualified professional to diagnose the issue accurately and prevent further damage.

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